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11 March 2011
Babe Watch
5 stars

Hey Brooke, you’ve got a lot on your sex to do list, don’t you?
Fantasy wise, too hard to choose just one – I have lots of fantasies and they change all the time. Sometimes it might be pushing the boundaries with a cute girl, other times it might be getting up to mischief at a club or being all wet, in the shower/hot tub/pool, nice and slow. I like that one a lot (or some wonderful combination of all three - heaven!) Oh and I do have a naughty secretary one too!

Do sex toys and props make an appearance from time to time?
Do tongues count?! Anything that vibrates is good. And naughty outfits can be just as much fun for us as they are for you.

Have you had a chance to wear a naughty outfit lately?
There have been a few wild nights out…recently the wildest involved a fancy dress party with very little "fancy dress"!

Apart from raunchy outfits, what else makes you feel sexy?
It’s when I’m tanned, wearing something a little naughty and know I have your undivided attention.

So being attentive works in the bedroom? Must keep that in mind. What other gems can you part with?
That girls love to be convinced even when we already know we want to! And taking it nice and slow to start, teasing me and winding me up till I can’t take it anymore or any of the above fantasies. 

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  • Rankster

    congratz brooke, u deserve it

  • Apostate

    Goddess is right on the money, absolutely divine

  • mcfender

    deadset honey!

  • VE6L

    Brooke, you are a goddess.

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