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05 December 2011
Babe Watch
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zoo weekly beach babes Amy

Amy, 21
Beach Babes profile: bronzed_babe

Why should you win ZOO's Beach Babe comp?
    I look pretty good in a bikini and I think Zoo readers would like to see more of me!

What do you do to get a guy's attention at the beach?
    Wear my smoking hot bikinis

Have you had sex on the beach?


Tell us about a time you went topless on the beach.
    I once went to the beach with a girlfriend and we took off our bikini tops and started tanning. We thought we were alone but we weren't! Two minutes later we heard wolf whistles coming from a balcony behind us. Embarassing!

Hottest summer holiday destination and why?
    Cancun! Everything is so cheap there!

Bikini, one-piece or g-string - which one would you wear and why?
    Bikinis and g-strings depending on my mood

Where's your favourite beach?
    Laguna beach in California. 

What's more attractive on a guy at the beach - budgie smugglers or boardies or just a tan?
    Boadies and a nice tan

What's your sexiest physical asset and why?
    My booty because it's round and toned

What do you do for a living?

Tell us the naughtiest thing you've done in front of a camera.

Amy Sia

What's your best sex tip?
    Don't keep quiet during the deed. Dirty talk is HOT!

What's your ultimate fantasy?
    A night in the snow infront of the fireplace

Tell us about your wildest night out ever.
    My wildest night started with three girlfriends and lots of booze and ended with us all nude in the spa

What does a guy need to do in the bedroom to make you happy?
    Be confident but not cocky

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    spilt my juice.... orange juice that is.

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    yummy yummy

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    So gorgeous Amy

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    Very sexy.

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