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25 November 2010
Babe Watch
5 stars
Stephanie, 21
Occupation: Student
State: VIC

Why should you win ZOO's Beach Babe comp?
I'm a true golden sun kissed fun water loving beach babe.

What do you do to get a guy's attention at the beach?
Rub coconut oil all over my body and get my best friend to massage it all over my back. 

Have you had sex on the beach?
Check out the photo and use your imagination.

Tell us about a time you went topless on the beach.
A giant wave washed my bikini top off in front of a decked out family beach and me and a random guy chased my bikini top in the water ahhhhhh what a flash back

Hottest summer holiday destination and why?
Torquay mmmm summer.

Bikini, one-piece or g-string - which one would you wear and why?
Depends on the occasion, one-piece for fun and G for party time hehehe. 

Where's your favourite beach?
Bells Beach baby.

What's more attractive on a guy at the beach - budgie smugglers or boardies or just a tan?
Love the tan man.

What's your sexiest physical asset and why?
The eyes, it’s all in the eyes baby.

What's your best sex tip?

What's your ultimate fantasy?
It’s more fun when there’s more than one.

Tell us about your wildest night out ever.
Yet to be classified.

What does a guy need to do in the bedroom to make you happy?
Measure up. 

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Stephanie Primavera

To make your Beach Babes profile more engaging and dynamic we’re giving you the opportunity to submit a video up to two minutes in length. You can treat this is an audition where you must wear a bikini/beach attire and tell us a bit about yourself – you could use the Beach Babe questions as a guide if you like. You can submit your video via email or via a YouTube link and we’ll post it on the site along with your Beach Babes profile.

Submit your videos/youtube links to zooweekly@ninemsn.com.au with Subject: Beach Babes 2011 video

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