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27 January 2011
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5 stars

Sarah, 20
Occupation: Hairdresser
State: QLD

Why should you win ZOO's Beach Babe comp?
Because I look great in my bikini.

What do you do to get a guy's attention at the beach?
I have great boobies.

Have you had sex on the beach?
Yes I have.

Tell us about a time you went topless on the beach.
I was topless on a secluded beach when 2 men came within 2 metres and sat right down next to me.

Hottest summer holiday destination and why?
Sydney because I always get into mischief. 

Bikini, one-piece or g-string - which one would you wear and why?
Bikini because there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman showing off all her assets.

Where's your favourite beach?

What's more attractive on a guy at the beach - budgie smugglers or boardies or just a tan?
Definitely boardies and a tan.

What's your sexiest physical asset and why?
My ass because everyone always tells me they love it.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a hairdresser. 

Tell us the naughtiest thing you've done in front of a camera.
A few topless photos.

What's your best sex tip?
Always be sexy and confident.

What's your ultimate fantasy?
To be taken to a secluded island for a week with my man.

Tell us about your wildest night out ever.
Field day 2011 turned out to be one crazy 32 hour bender followed by a Grinspoon concert.

What does a guy need to do in the bedroom to make you happy?
He needs to take control. 

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    A real cutey.

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