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17 January 2011
Babe Watch
5 stars
Michelle , 21
Occupation: Promo Model - Agriculture Supervisor
State: WA

Why should you win ZOO's Beach Babe comp?
Because I love the beach and if I could I would live there haha. Also a HUGE fan of Zoo and it is a huge dream of mine to one day end up with a photo in one of your issues.

What do you do to get a guy's attention at the beach?
Give him a smile. 

Have you had sex on the beach?
No not a big fan of sand in places where it shouldn't be.

Tell us about a time you went topless on the beach.
This would have to be one of the more embarrassing moments! It was just after being dunked by a wave and when I went to stand up I noticed my top had fallen down.

Hottest summer holiday destination and why?
I would love to go to the Whitsundays, every time I see a photo of that place it makes me want to head to the beach! 

Bikini, one-piece or g-string - which one would you wear and why?
Bikini for sure because I think there is something a little sexy about a bikini.

Where's your favourite beach?
My favourite beach would have to be any beach in Esperance. They have AMAZING beaches down there.

What's more attractive on a guy at the beach - budgie smugglers or boardies or just a tan?
Tan! and boardies... Budgie smugglers are only ok on amazingly fit tanned men. 

What's your sexiest physical asset and why?
Probably my eyes, they are a weird greeny blue colour.

What do you do for a living?
I work as the Agriculture supervisor (not an attractive job at all I have to wear steal cap boots and high visual vests!) and I also do promotional work which is so much fun because I'm always out meeting new and interesting people.

Tell us the naughtiest thing you've done in front of a camera.
This would probably have to be my shoot with Wayne Daniels in lingerie.

What's your best sex tip?
Be confident. 

What's your ultimate fantasy?
To win this comp! ha-ha

Tell us about your wildest night out ever.
This would probably be one of my many wild nights out with my best friend Michelle (I have a best friend with the same name I'm not talking about myself ha-ha) they are that wild I can't even remember half of them.

What does a guy need to do in the bedroom to make you happy?
Just be himself and not try to be someone who he is not.

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  • loves_it19

     michelle!!! im so proud of YOU!!!!

  • brent76

    natural beauty,look amazeing

  • hayden03

    congrats michelle , awesome work hun

  • Mishyy

    Naww thanks guys you are way too kind  Please ask anyone you know to vote for me hehe sorry I just really would like to have a chance with this comp xx

  • Rocket65

    give her the prize now!!! what an absolutely stunningly gorgeous woman :-)

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