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17 November 2009
Babe Watch
4 stars

This week, we got up...really UP close and personal with the world's tallest model Amazon Eve. This 32-year-old, seven-foot-tall Yankee has legs double the size of ZOO Man and has made her way down under for her first semi-clad shoot with a men's magazine. To set up this gigantic occasion we made extra big bikinis, got multiple bottles of baby oil and...er, a step ladder. Check out her pics below and buy this week's ZOO mag to see more PLUS watch her vid now!

Click here to watch her video!


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  • Vay

    THe shorter girl looks so beautiful, anyone know her model name?

  • Banjo2010

    With a tall woman like the babe "Amazon Eve" , you can not get accused of just starring at her boobs all day... lol

  • sittingbull

     Hello mademoiselle 

  • mehmet

    Who is the shorter one?

  • Stress

    "Tha's a huge bitch!" 

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