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07 May 2012
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Are you looking for that special someone behind bars to light up your life? Someone to sweep you off your feet when they're not sweeping out their cell, someone to take long strolls across the exercise yard with or to whisper sweet confessions to?

If you answered yes, ditch your Match.com account, hide your wallet, think about wearing a bulletproof vest and start sifting through the hordes of lonely jailbirds on Meet-An-Inmate.com — who have "nothing but time on their hands and can't wait to hear from you".

Meet-An-Inmate.com is a new dating website that connects crims to the outside world by finding them romantic pen pals.

"These inmates are fun, loving, clever, reliable, sexy and very passionate ... They enjoy sports, music, arts, etc. just as you do," the site reads.

What's a life sentence or two between potential lovers, right?

But seriously, there's something for everyone on meet-an-inmate.com, and the talent's not always picky either. Amy Doyle, originally from Oklahoma but now serving time in Texas, writes on her profile: "I'm bisexual, so if you're interested, I am open to all."

Perhaps the best line comes from the website's declaimer: "These men and women are inmates and are usually in prison for good reason. This is Meet-An-Inmate.com, not Meet-A-Girl-Scout.com."

Click here to check out some of the highly eligible crims on Meet-An-Inmate.com.

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