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04 December 2009
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We're not entirely sure if The OC star has used a body double for this but my god does she have a slamming body.

That sexy beer belly and wild nipple hair would get any blokes motor running.

It's good to see that someone from the OC has managed to continue finding work... we heard Micha Barton was contemplating finding some more work, but decided that smoking weed, letting herself go and op shopping for the latest trends was more her style.

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  • kristyb

    Bahahahaha.... that's so funny

  • dannymac86

    thats ****ed up


  • redcv8

    gay as ****, why would u post such bull****

  • nthcurlyphil

     couldn't keep watchin. very bloody ordinary

  • j_t_2

    nuh this is just horrifying i had to stop watching

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