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26 November 2009
5 stars
Oli Lemieux is the insanely talented trampolinist freak from Cirque Du Soleil.

It seems that he's not content with millions of people coming to watch him perform each year as part of the Cirque shows, so he also created his own YouTube page where he uploads all sorts of crazy videos of himself doing jaw-dropping stunts that defy gravity.

Watch in awe as Oli pulls of some insane flips and wall tricks, all while keeping a smile on his face, without even breaking a sweat. The bastard makes it look so easy.

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  • dirtyoldperv

    thats pretty cool

  • pandadanks

    making gravity his bitch- i love it. can't wait for gravity to strike back and have a show where it defies humans and just has fat people everywhere attempting to jump whilst being rooted to the ground, epic.


    I saw Dralion when it came out to Sydney and it was incredible. These guys just effortlessly floated through the air did all these amazing tricks onthe trampoline! I definitely reccomend going to their next performance when it comes out.

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