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Happy Easter fellow Zookeepers

5 stars

 And remember, it's not just about the chocolate eggs

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  • Hiluxman1
     This takes sexy to a whole new level....hott as ...View
  • AshleaKate
     PoloXgirl - thankyou! Hahahaha it was easier than I expected.  Thought it would hurt  - ALOT - but it was remarkably pain free :)...View
  • AshleaKate
     Yes Pat. Though it was new when the shots were taken last year - not so much now.. HAHAHHA...View
  • Hiluxman1
     Such a stricking shot luv the colours and awesome heels.....very hott ;)...View
  • PoloXgirl
    love this pic.... but how did it feel to take it all off...!!.?...View
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