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...love is just a fantasy!
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24th Nov, 2011
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I live at...
Morley, Perth 
They pay me to be...
A secretary / schedules coordinator 
My best band...
Linkin Park 
My drink of choice...
booze hello! :-D 
My perfect job would be...
Exec Assistant or PA  
My favourite sport...
My favourite team is...
West Coast Eagles 
My favourite telly show...
Vampire Diaries  
One thing no one knows about me...
It wouldn't be a secret if I told you!  
I can't live without...
my family, friends and my phone!  
One thing I can't do is...
eat meat! Gross - makes me so ill!  
My best trick is...
my double jointed elbows, freaks people the hell out  
My perfect woman...
*edits to perfect man* perfect man is Chester Bennington lead singer of Linkin Park 
If I could change one thing, it'd be...
more boobs ? ;P 
I wish I drove...
a HSV 
The thing that shits me the most is...
I'm most likely to die of...
smoking haha 
I love ZOO because...
there is interesting stuff on here not crap!  

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