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I wish I didn'y have such a high sex drive...

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I'm horny pretty much 24/7.
I won't watch porn unless I know I'll be getting sex later on, it makes me too horny.
If I don't get at least 1 fuck a week I start going a bit nuts.

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  • inpogform

    lol at you

  • bobby0001


  • jake52

     If you ever need a hand or ........ Im happy to help out

  • luxlisbon

    I'm satisfied most of the time, I just get horny like 20 mins later haha :P

  • Momo-Aus

     similiar boat :/

     and you're right it does suck!!


    in a relationship where you get it less than once a week. Slight challenge aswell!!


    hope you find a resolution ;)

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  • heyyyrayyy
     Looking hot babe closer look would be awesome 👅...View
  • boohalf
  • mocha
     Very sexy...View
  • zoostuie
     Yeah but your smile isn't in this pic so it's all about the booty, bewbz, and hips......View
  • zoostuie
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