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...I've been gone for quite a while! I'm a mummy now!!!!
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18th Aug, 2009
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I live at...
They pay me to be...
Registered Nurse 
My best band...
DJ tiDY 
My drink of choice...
Lychee Martini  
My perfect job would be...
Lady of leisure 
My favourite sport...
Pole Dancing 
My favourite team is...
Felix the world poledancing champion is my favourite! She isn't a team but she is an inspiration :) 
My favourite telly show...
Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Next Generation 
One thing no one knows about me...
I'm pregnant  
I can't live without...
Chocolate, Mascara, Hair Straighteners, Face Wash, Moisturiser, Sex, Sex, Sex. 
One thing I can't do is...
Reverse Park 
My best trick is...
Oooohhh, I can't possibly tell you cause then you wouldn't be surprised when I did it to you !!! 
My perfect woman...
Megan Fox or Zoo girl Rachel Frew 
If I could change one thing, it'd be...
The attitudes of magazine editors. Sexy and beautiful women come in a package of curves. 18 - 22 is NOT the only age range and turning 30 doesn't mean you should cease to exist! 
I wish I drove...
A dark blue BMW 
The thing that shits me the most is...
Rude people, bitchy women and people who don't wipe down gym equipment after they finish!! 
I'm most likely to die of...
Chocolate overdose. 
I love ZOO because...
It's packed full of HOT women and I get to interact with lots of differnt people via the Zoo website.  

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     You look amazing...very professional☺...View
  • Epic84
     You would never look like godzilla.....i hipe you get it aswell☺...View
  • Hiluxman1
     Sensational bod and  great legs :)...View
  • Hiluxman1
     Wow u look stunning great spot too...View
  • Hiluxman1
     Phenominal lookin sexy in purple...View
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