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Did anyone went to Melbourne Sexpo over weekend (or Sunday)??

It was pack again & awesome. Was great seeing an lapdancer feeling this blonde girl boobs in the crowd while they watching Poledancing at Lapdance area.  Cos this blonde girl has awesome boobs and was all natural also she was cute too. Then she & her friends had a private lapdance with that lapdancer.

Anyone else had any good happened to you at sexpo?

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  • Juzzy

    Really, I didn't see Sammy Lee at all. We found her stand which she was spose to be there but aint there. Crusty Demons were highlights of Sexpo this year, taken the crowd away from main stage shows hehe.

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  • drewbert
     Is that a case in the corner?do you play?...View
  • cala8
  • cala8
     amazing from both ends ....love the laptop screen ...View
  • drewbert
     Here you are showing off those Poka dots again.  As well as your best assets....View
  • Mizz_AJ
    haha no one said they were sick of me..just my assumption as I would be sick of me!! :p...View
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