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 Why Does Michaelf Have A F#@king Opinion About Everything? Can't He Keep His Fat Mouth Shut For Once? He Has Got To Be The Biggest F@#Wit On Here. No One Else Is Allowed To Have 1 Opinion But He Can Have As Many As He Wants. So Many Fucken Try Hards On Here

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  • mayza1

     fairly stong opinion have there my good sir

  • farkernell13

    homophobes? really?  in this day and age?  how positively hipster...... LOL

  • michaelf

    That's the point. Given they're both homophobes, they'll react badly to my suggestion :-D

  • farkernell13

    spa = nudity.  this is gonna get fugly!

  • michaelf

    Hopa, I just want to say that with all this attention you've given to me, I truly do love you. And sucker83 as well.  Let's all have a spa together.

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  • Tackler
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     U r dam hot AJ ...View
  • Mizz_AJ
    lol oh dear..I asked for that didnt I :P...View
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