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...give everyone a tip no pet names if you dont know the person bloody hell
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24th Apr, 2012
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I live at...
my beach shack 
They pay me to be...
manager of an eb games store 
My best band...
everything hilltop hoods, disturbed, mudvayne, kottonmouth kings 
My drink of choice...
carlton dry 
My perfect job would be...
glamour model  
My favourite sport...
My favourite team is...
eagles, broncos 
My favourite telly show...
big bang theory 
One thing no one knows about me...
I can't live without...
reading, tv, sleep, beer 
One thing I can't do is...
resist a coldy i have tried but never manage 
My best trick is...
skulllllling a beer never been beaten yet...can you do it? 
My perfect woman...
If I could change one thing, it'd be...
I wish I drove...
my old hilux  
The thing that shits me the most is...
girls who quote marilyn munroe and think it makes them original or tough 
I'm most likely to die of...
I love ZOO because...
the girls are beautiful and its funny 

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