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  • michaelf

    No, I believe they were more eloquent than that.  They said: 'I'd tap that sh*t'.

  • michaelf

    After looking at that photo, all I can say is: '****. That.'

  • Daniel76

    don't knock them Jami, its an awful long way up there, they'll need like a counter balance thing to get them down. you are doing a public service!!!!

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  • rhiREET
     Thanks babes :)...View
  • rhiREET
     My smile is my best curve though ;)  cheese factor x ten...View
  • Epic84
     awsome well i look forward to them:-)...View
  • zoostuie
     somehow you managed to get all the best curves in one pic... killin it ...View
  • rhiREET
     Aww! Well I'm trying to be a lil more proactive. Expect new things :)...View
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