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Help me become 2012 Beach Babe!

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Hi There,

Well, my neighbours have a wall dedicated to Zoo babes in their gym room. And it has become my mission to get in the pages of Zoo and be added to their wall! HAHA

I even dream to go a step further and grace the cover of Zoo. So if you enjoy my pictures now, image what Zoo stylists, photographers and editors could create. I promise to give you something original and exciting.

Please vote for me and help me cement a place on my neighbours wall of fame haha



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  • ajash
     love the look babe...View
  • ajash
     she hot as alright...View
  • Mizz_AJ
  • ekzakt
    Zoos very own Goddess....View
  • ajash
     nice tidy holden babe is it yours...View
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