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12 December 2011
Strip Search
4 stars
Who: Shontelle, 20, Administration Manager
Where: Sydney, NSW

What’s the most pointless fact you know?
Your foot is the same length as your forearm. 

At 2am on a Saturday, we’re most likely to find you...
Killing it on the dancefloor! 

What’s the sexiest partof your body?
My bum and boobs. 

On a scale of 1-10, how good would you rate your flirting skills?
Eight when I’m sober. Ten when I’m drunk.

What’s your secret move when trying to attract men?
Eye contact.

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  • Tackler

     still sexy

  • spongy

     beautiful piece of equipment

  • shonnn

    Thanks everyone! :)

  • WatchaDoin


  • shielzyy

    got a bf ?????

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