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08 April 2011
Strip Search
4 stars

Who: Larissa, 21, Scuba Diver
Where: Sydney, NSW
When: March 28, 12:30

What’s the most pointless fact you know, Larissa?
Dolphins are the only other animal that has sex for pleasure.

What’s the funniest word you’ve heard to describe boobs?
“Blouse bunnies”.

At 2am on a Saturday, we’re most likely to find you…
Drunk as a skunk, dancing on some podium and loving life.

What’s your secret come-on sign?
Give them sex eyes or just unbutton the top a bit — it always seems to work!

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  • actionman83

    holy crap... what a body!!


  • kevmcdonald

     she is amazing, love it

  • mcfender

    11/10 Stunning!

  • johngalv

    lucky zoo guys to take these photos you look outstanding

  • LarissaB

    <p>Hey guys thankyou so much for the lovely comments. Be sure to add my zoo profile..</p> <p>LarissaB</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>and check out my application in the zoo weekly cover girl search !!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;love yaz xx</p>

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