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16 November 2009
Strip Search
4 stars

WHO: Helen, 18, Personal Trainer
WHERE: Sydney, NSW
WHEN: Nov 12, 11:30am

What’s the sexiest outfit you own?

I have a whole wardrobe full of French lingerie, but I think my birthday suit probably tops them all!

Sounds hot. What does it look like?

It has exquisite detailing, sexy curves, long legs and silky soft skin.

Has the birthday suit ever been worn for a late night skinny dip?
I was with a previous partner on holidays when it was first called into action. The weather was beautiful and we’d been at an isolated beach all day so we decided to go for a skinny dip. It was just turning dark when a school excursion wandered past only metres away! The mood was completely ruined but I’m just glad none of the rascals stole my clothes!

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  • Ash_Lad1

    Shes Very Attractive and has amazing curves

  • husky4u

    more please

  • chuba

     could have done better zoo

  • JaccobMcNugget

    They could have at least found a pretty big girl.

  • badkiwi

     mmmmm v/sexy  full figured women, wana squeeze ya .

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