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05 April 2011
Strip Search
4 stars

What’s better than a girl stripping? Um, TWO girls, of course! And what’s better than two girls stripping? Two HOT girls are what we’re talking about! Well, enough of us talking, we’re sure you want to do some watching so, place your peepers down below and watch Melissa and Sarah – Strip Search stunners – get together in the first ever Strip Search double strip!

Who: Melissa, 22, Student

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been dared to do, Mel?
Snort pepper! It hurts so much!

What’s your most pointless fact?
On average, there’s 178 seeds on a Big Mac’s bun — who does that research?

What’s the funniest word you’ve heard to describe boobs?
“Melons”. It’s actually my nickname!

At 2am on a Saturday, you’re...
... anywhere from Ivy Nightclub’s pool to the top of the Q1 Resort!

Your sexiest anatomical feature is?
My boobies! 

Who: Sarah, 20, Hairdresser

What’s a bad thing you’ve done?
I was dared to stick rocks in someone’s ears and sprinkle curry powder in their nose while they were passed out.

Tell us a pointless fact you know.
E= MC2

Really? Does it? Prove it, then!
Er... well...

A fun word to describe boobs is:

Do you have a secret pick-up move?
 Yes! My cheeky smile.

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  • kevmcdonald

     they r both stunning, :)

  • Mineok

    They both need their own ZOO pictorials NOW please.

  • Cannonspike

    Hot damn, more please!!!!!

  • Sheal

    zomfg... i think i can die a happy man

  • damowilco

    2 hot girls indeed! & Sarah is soooooo cute!!

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