ZOO Weekly


22 April 2010
Strip Search
4 stars
WHO: Chloe, 20, Model
WHERE: Melbourne, VIC
WHEN: April  15, 4:30pm

What’s better: to communicate or to procreate?
Communicate about how best to procreate.

Good call! What’s the funniest word you’ve heard to describe boobs?
Devil’s dumplings is a good one. So are jahoobies and gobstoppers.

Jahoobies? That’s a new one. What’s the sexiest part of your body?
My jahoobies.

Agreed. What’s one secret you wish to release to the public?
I once got kicked out of a club for pouring a shot out on the bar. I asked the girl for vodka, lime and soda, and she put it in a shot glass.

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