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21 June 2011
Strip Search
4 stars

Anique, 24, Hairdresser
Melbourne VIC
June 8, 3:45pm

What’s the funniest word you’ve heard to describe boobs?

At 2am on a Saturday we’re most likely to find you…
Shaking my thing on a podium

What’s the sexiest part of your body?

What’s your secret move when trying to attract men?
Eye contact

What’s the biggest turn on in a guy?
A shaved head

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  • DaMacca

     Tattoo on girls are hot as hell

  • Tamika

    I like her! Shes cute and she has a gorgeous smile!

  • rickmck22

    Where's all the comments ? They don't get much hotter than this girl !!

    I'm just going to shave my head !

  • Hawkins_84

    Holy Moly.......pulling out all the hotties for strip search latley.....

  • rickmck22

    WOW nice !

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