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Lisa-marie Spooner

Lisa-marie, 23

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Q:What would winning Real Girls mean to you?
A:It would mean the world to me be my step in the door for modeling somethink i love to do i enjoy and is natural to me
Q:What would you do with your winnings?
A:Pay of my det and look for agency around the world and that would pay to gat there
Q:What qualities make the ultimate ZOO Real Girl?
A:I beleave that someone with talent but that is natural got talent oh and is beautiful
Q:Why should you win ZOO's Real Girl comp?
A:Because I beleave Ive got what it takes so much to work with and i really do beleave that I am your zoo's real girl
Q:What's your best sex tip?
A:use Your hips its all in the hips
Q:What do you do to get a guy's attention?
Q:What's your sexiest physical asset and why?
A:my legs as the toneing in them just wow so many comments on my legs
Q:What do you dress up in when you're looking to impress in the bedroom?
A:nice sexy naughty girl lingerie
Q:What does a guy need to do in the bedroom to make you happy?
A:be hard
Q:What's some good ways to spice up your sex life?
A:for him to let me take charge i like to be the one that is plessuring
Q:What's your favourite sexual position and why?
A:my fave position would have to be me on a work bench and the guy nailing me
Q:Where's the most outrageous place you've had a shag?
A:would have to be in the middle of the day bent over a sexy car just to the side of the road
Q:Tell us the naughtiest thing you've done in front of a camera.
A:plessured myself
Q:What woman would you most like to spend the night with?
A:one sexy burnet
Q:What's your ultimate fantasy?
A:to be swept of my feet and taken to the room
Q:Tell us about your wildest night out ever.
A:dance dance dance i love to dance and boys do to guess what that leads to.
Q:What's your opinion on naughty toys?
A:were are they dont tesse me. there good and healthy
Q:What do you do for a living?
A:at this stage i am tring to get in to modeling but looking after the old
Deb Reeves, stay at home mum
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