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26 July 2011
Cheeky News
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Ashleigh tells ZOO why she should be a covergirl.

Why should you be ZOO’s next cover model? 
Australia needs a little dose of Ashiie in their lives! 

What do you love most about your body? 
The “Twins” and my hair.  

What is your idea of a good time?
Singing at the top of my lungs with friends and a bottle of Pink Champagne
Who is your idol? 
Miranda Kerr. I’d love to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel like her. 

If you could style your ideal photo shoot, what would it involve? 
I love anything sweet and girly, and bright colours. I’m talking cupcakes, milkshakes, lollipops... the works! 

Who is your favourite ZOO cover girl and why? 
Emily Scott... oh, those eyes! 

What are three qualities a ZOO cover girl should have? 
Charisma, an adventurous streak and a cheeky smile. 

Five words to describe you are:
Quirky, determined, fun-loving, energetic and passionate. 

What makes you different from past ZOO cover girls? 
If you strip Ashiie down, she really is just a big dork! I was the ugly duckling and now want to show everyone I’m a swan.

Have a look at Ashleigh's Covergirl profile here!

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  • iamfor

    nice bum

  • loves_it19

     @s3condc0ming  :) thanks so much! I think it's very important to not take life too seriously, and especially yourself. It's ok to have fun and be a fool, i'm constantly being called a dork because I try to do everything the fun way and make others laugh. :) xx

  • burgerman253

    Go Ashleigh!!!

  • lilmisslauraa

    congrats gorgeous.. cute  pics.. now we need me to join you girls in the finalists and were set hahaha

  • loves_it19

     Haha yes I loved my pics in the red singlet...if you keep on voting for me hopefully you'll see them on the cover!!!!!




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