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03 November 2009
Cheeky News
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Once popular for little kids to run around in home made outfits, Halloween has become a competition on who can make the scariest costume the sluttiest and sexiest.

Female celebs jumped on the bandwagon this Halloween to take part in Halloween bashes around the U.S. Heidi Klum and her husband Seal threw their annual bash, while a couple of celebs went trick or treating- all in amazing outfits of course. Clearly dress up parties are an excuse for chicks to dress up in the raunchiest outfits they can imagine without having to explain themselves. No doubt a few of those costumes could be used in the bedroom too.

Bai Ling as err...?

Jennifer Love Hewitt as a Playboy Bunny

Julianne Hough as a Pirate

Katie Price- Animal/Cougar/Latex Lover

Kim Kardashian as Princess Jasmine

Paris Hilton

A member of The Saturdays - A Pammy clone

Who you gonna call? The Saturdays as sexy Ghostbusters

AnnaLynne McCord as BatGirl

Ashley Greene as a Peacock

Audrina Partridge as a Genie

Briana Evigan

Holly Madison- Queen of Hearts

Jessica Lowndes- Maid or Raunchy Ref?

Katerina Graham

Rutin Wesley- Pirate. Arrrrrr!

Selita Ebanks- Naughty Devil

Another member of The Saturdays as a sexy Cleopatra

Let us know who you would like to scare the pants off you.

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  • Elliott

     jessica alba can dress up and the crap outta me anytime

  • costak

    Wish if Miranda Kerr was there

  • costak

    Wish if Miranda Kerr was there

  • kristyb

    I'd like to see Megan Fox dressed up for Halloween.... that woman is ssssooo hot! One day I will meet her and she will say... "KristyB, can you help me with my zipper?"

    Aaaahhhhh...... *sigh*

  • lancer_boi

    Jennifer Love Hewitt can scare da pants off me anyday

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