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12 March 2012
Behind the Scenes
4 stars
Melbourne hottie talks white-line fever, fame, and being engaged to one of AFL’s notorious figures!

See the rest of her scorching shoot in this week's ZOO MAG!

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  • alphamale

     i'd give her a good shagging, she probably needs a real man by now.

  • olderandwiser

    I am not sure what you think you will achieve from this.Maybe your thinking modelling?. The fact the Mr Nixon is your boyfriend leaves people scratching their heads.His terrible 18 months of lying and getting caught up with the scandal says it all. He is having a mid life crisis and you are in the middle of it. I feel for his wife and kids watching him become so disgusting.They would most probably remember a better man. 

  • benny35

    she goes out with Ricky Nixon ????   No way  .

  • sb2377


    Right on the $$$$$$ 

  • santasbag


    People pretty much will see this for what it really is! Generic nobody model, shamelessly latches herself onto the first thing that'll throw her in the spotlight. 15 minutes of fame......... Gone! This nixon character has all the properties of a dirty old pedo uncle BUT because he's "notorious" it's easy for vulnerable girls to get caught in his deceptive web.

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