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28 December 2011
Behind the Scenes
5 stars

What have you got planned  for this New Year’s, Hayley?
Maybe go to a festival, maybe to a house party, I’m not sure yet.

Any resolutions for 2012?
I want to be healthy and fit. 

You look pretty healthy  and fit already to us...
Yeah, but just maintain it, maybe. 

So your resolution is to do something you’re already doing?
There’s always room for improvement, isn’t there?

Exercise aside, what would you like to do more of this year?
I’d like to finish my studies. I’m doing a Diploma of Children’s Services.

What do you do if a kid eats snails?
As long as they’re not poisonous, I think we just watch them and  make sure they’re okay. 

So if someone’s child is eating snails while they are in your care, you will… watch them?
No. If they’ve already ingested them, I’ll watch them. But if they’re eating them, then I’ll put them away.

Good to know. What would you like to do less of in 2012?
Stress less.

Do you have any favourite de-stressing activities?
I do a lot of yoga and go for runs.

And cocaine, of course.
Um… no.

No? Okay. Ever pashed a stranger at midnight on NYE?
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  • kevmcdonald


  • kp888

     Hayley Pascoe. still the perfect Zoo covergirl, Welcome back Hayley.

  • grasambe

    Hayley Pascoe. 10/10. Can't get enough. Great end to 2011.

  • Jay_Au

    Nice to see Hayley on the cover again, cutest  Zoo babe ever 

  • sonicstyler

    Great shot's Hayley looks like it was a fun shoot, all the very best for the New Year.

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