ZOO Weekly


23 February 2011
Behind the Scenes
5 stars

This week, we took all-round pant-pleaser Camille Pollet to a seculded beach. We dressed her up - or down, rather - in sexy semi-clad attire and asked her for advice on how to make good sex. Why did we feel the need to dress her down, get her wet and snap her pics, just to ask her this question? Well, we aim to please YOU....remember?

Check out her advice and more saucy pictures in this week's ZOO magazine that's out now!

Watch her shoot below!

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  • Slambo333

     Most definitely 1 of the HOTTEST Babes on the planet! 

  • perfection

  • j_t_2

    shes easily the hottest out of the blonde threesome that do the sex tips in the mag. everything about her is sooo real! i lvoe her!

  • VE6L

    Agreed.  Probably close to zoo's and Camille's best shoot.  She is so sexy.

  • cute_holden_guy

    damn she is so dam stunning in those skimpy bikinis...

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