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30 August 2012
Babe Of The Day
5 stars
A new Facebook page 'Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!’ has gathered over 20,000 fans, and everyday Brits can barely hide their support, with thousands of them posting naked pictures in tribute.

But the more the Brits continue to upload shots, the more we realise just how rough they breed them over there.

Fortunately, ZOO's very own true-blue Aussie stunner Brooke Evers has kindly decided to show 'em how it's done! Presenting, the hottest salute to Harry EVERS.

Question: Should we post the uncensored version of Brooke's photos in our Members Only section?

You can check out Brooke's competition HERE

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  • manuello

    so where are they? 

  • alghcc01

    Yes why not

  • kp888

    brooke you are a busty assasin

  • fearNloathing

     zoo you ****ing suck!!! u say ur going to post these nuds/topless pics. but urfull of **** and ****ing LAME!!!

  • Mizz_AJ

    yeah, even I vote yes..where are they?

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