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02 March 2011
Babe Of The Day
5 stars

Hey Rachel, your latest shoot is stunning Rach, what was the shoot like?
Thanks a lot, I actually loved how this shoot turned out. I was put in a lot of hot little outfits and I really loved my hair and make up. The shoot was done the morning after an appearance with a couple of other ZOO girls the night before so I'm surprised I didn't look more tired!

Do you have a favourite shot from the shoot?
I really like the shots which I’m only wearing stockings in. They are a little cheeky and naughtier than my past shoots.

OMG, we love the same ones, who would have thought! Oh and those suspenders look amazing. Do you have many hot lingerie sets in your wardrobe?
Yes, I definitely have ALOT of hot lingerie sets in my wardrobe. I have a mixture of naughty and nice :). Nice lingerie always makes you feel amazing and sexy. even if you are the only one that knows you are wearing them under your clothes.

So do you get rocognised out on the street or in clubs by your ZOO fans?
I definitely get recognised by some of my ZOO fans out at clubs or in bars, there usually ends up being a few pics being taken with them on their mobile phones!

So you’re reasonably busty (yeah we noticed), are you one of the girls who loves your bigger than average bust or are they more of a curse?
Haha, thanks for noticing! I have a love/hate relationship with them! I love having curves and filling out bikinis quite nicely but sometimes the unwanted attention and them being too big for certain clothing is annoying. I think my man would say they are a curse when we go out but is then quite happy when we go home!

If you’re out partying and a guy wants to approach you, what would be the best way to go about it?
Haha, I'm super fussy! Definitely no cheesy pick up lines, making noises when I walk by or saying anything stupid or rude to me! 

Click here to see the full Rachel Burr shoot!

The average rating is 8/10.

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  • denzrx7

    ok i cant stand up now for fear i may offend the office girls :P

  • VE6L

    She's burry hot.

  • woodduck

    Agreed! I'm surprised that only two people have clicked like on this! WTF!

  • Kohxx

    wow just wow!

  • priyarick


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