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03 March 2010
Babe Of The Day
2 stars
We need your help ZOO users!

We know she's blonde, rich, loves to party, has a pretty tidy body, has filmed her own home porno which the entire world has seen, but the questions remains, is she hot or not?

The hotel heiress has recently starred in a Brazilian beer commercial which they're trying to get banned for being too sexy. But does the general population rate Paris as sexy?

Yesterday we saw a whole heap of different websites, some saying she's a scank, while others were saying she's super hot.

So what do you think, let us in the comments and by rating her pics.

The average rating is 4/10.

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  • woodduck

    so she's sitting just at 6, so the hot rather than not have is so far.

  • Tyboxa

    i think if your a blonde boy she is always guna be hot... but either way she is still very doable!!!

  • sarge86

    No way known!!!!

  • STEVOH321
    yeah shes hot
  • woodduck

    Good legs!

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