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24 September 2010
Babe Of The Day
5 stars
Hello Katsuni, love your hot new movie Body Heat, you got a favourite scene for it?
My orgy scene with all DP contract girls is of course really special to me. I love girls... but Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross and Raven Alexis! Wow... it's like Christmas day! To be honest I had a crush on the pretty Raven. She's so feminine, delicate and I can feel she really loves sex, she doesn't act. So I made the choice to focus more on her and it has been unforgettable.

Wow, lucky Raven! So what's the greatest thing about working in the porno movie business?
Sex , sex, and sex!!! ...and being paid for that! Then, this business can bring great opportunities. I travel all the time, meet different people and culture. It's a great way to learn about yourself when you do this job. You use your body but your body is controlled by your mind so you develop a kind of "power". I learn everyday with this job and I never have routine. It's exactly the life I was dreaming of.

God your French accent is hot. Er, anyway back to the questions. If you could shag any historical figure from the past who would it be and why?
This might sound weird but the first name I have in mind in Jesus Christ. The man was incredibly smart, charismatic and generous. To meet him would be something huge...and to make love with him would be an amazing experience. I’d remind him that sex is not a sin, it's not something dirty that we should ashamed of. I know there's something bad about it but once again, I like to do what I’m not supposed to do...its bad....so it's good!

Well he was a carpenter so nailing things shouldn't be a problem. So if you design your dream scene, what would it involve?
My dream scene would involve emotion, pleasure and pain, something where I would go so far that I would totally lose myself and my mind. Something so intense that I would get more that just physical pleasure. Perfect sex is the one where you get a harmony between your body and mind, where you're connected to your partners and where you manage to reach a spiritual level.

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  • bundybear012

    awesome rack!!!!

  • PO

     nice tits..

  • billmack1963

    Katsuni is one of the hottest babes that i've seen recently. 9 out 10. 

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  • vortex

    katsuni is the most fantastic woman in the univesrse

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