ZOO Weekly


25 August 2009
Babe Of The Day
5 stars
24-year-old Melbournite, Bonnie Edwards beat out zillions of hotties from around the country to be named ZOO's Beach Babe of the Year. Now she's your Babe of the Day, too. The former dental nurse walked away with a smooth $10,000 of cash in her purse and starting next week, she'll have a new and excitingly sexy job every week in the mag - make sure to check it out on Monday...

The average rating is 8/10.

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  • Shanomac
    I cannot believe these idiots! Jealous, insecure, negative people, very bad qualaties to have. That attitude won't get them far. Bonnie won because she is a truly beautiful and amazing person and worked hard for what she has achieved. If these twits voting that she's not hot cannot see how stunning she is than they need there eyes checked ASAP! haha Well done Baby! Shane xxxx    
  • kristyb
    Bonnie looking smoking hot.... again..... just so so gorgeous xxx
  • fisha
    im with u zoo man, not sure exactly whet these dudes are lookin at but it cant be her, shes smokin!!
  • ZooManApprentice001
    What The..!! 92% thinks she's NOT hot.. She's bloody awesome!! Seriously, What are people thinking when they see beauty in front of them..??? Bonnie, Your Smokin' HOT hunnie..
  • cfourkillinshit
    i cannot believe people do not think she is HOT wtf is wrong with u people get a life and fuck off bonnie is smoking

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