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22 July 2012
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ZOO Weekly regrets any offence caused to any of our readers, and to any asylum seeker or refugee and their families and supporters, by the article “Sexiest Boat People” on pages 32 and 33 of the July 16th 2012 issue of ZOO Weekly, which included the competition “Are you Australia’s Hottest Asylum Seeker?”.
We apologise for being insensitive towards asylum seekers and refugees, and the traumatic experiences they have experienced.
Our apologies are extended to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

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  • Rankster

    illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are totally different.
    im talking about boat people, people trying to sneak into the country.
    people we cant turn away once there here.
    the ones we open our doors to by all means come in, otherwise sod off.
    you wont change my opinion. its based on what ive seen. goodluck trying.

  • Rankster

    please educate me via pm then. im sure i actually know quite a bit more than you seem to think i do. are you aware they house boat people in hotels and the like where australian citizens are left without any shelter or food?  they come here and get treated better than our own, is that fair?

  • Rankster

    yea everyone is entitled to want a better life, but bloody hell pursue the right life through the correct avenues. dont come over here illegally. this better life they chase actually makes life worse for the everyday australian because the money has to come from somewhere to support them living here...

    less housing=more homeless people etc.

  • I think everyone deserves a chance at a good life!! I'd hate to be forced to live in a lot of their countries!!

  • ClarissaTJ
    My husband drew my attention to this competition a few moment's ago. 
    Should we not be embarrassed? Someone, somewhere, sized up the Australian public, and thought this was morally sound and acceptable? 
    It's disturbing when we waste our freedom in Australia, but it's truly disgusting that we'd happily exploit those who have survived horrific regimes. Cheap and nasty. 

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