ZOO Weekly


06 April 2009
3 stars
You know we're generous blokes over here at ZOO H.Q so, it's no surprise that we're giving you the ultimate birthday gift at our third birthday bash. Yep, can you believe it's been 3 years? Neither can we, and just looking at our ZOO-covers wall brings a tear to our eyes because in our 156 issues of ZOO it's clear we've been blessed with some of the best babes, baps and butts gracing our covers.

And to celebrate our three scorching years, we're giving you the chance to perv on our biggest-ever ZOO shoot! Watch eight of our hottest ever covergirls frolic with champagne, chocolate and each other! 


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  • Barnie45
  • ZooManApprentice001
    I'm am no way affiliated with ACP Magazines including Zoo Weekly..
  • ZooManApprentice001
    **Barnie45** Re: Profile Message; Because you obviously no shit.. Because unbeknown to you I've actually done a study on women including living with a same sex (Female) couple and was enlightened by what they had to say.. :-PP And YES, I do think women are insecure about themselves.. They won't let on about what's wrong with them even if it's nothing to someone else which confuses MOST men.. So YOU do your research and see who's really honest with you.. On top of all that I've actually run a Family News Agency in Sydney at the young age of 15 when my father was stabbed in a armed robbery.. I've grown up without much of a childhood and learn the hard way in life including being in Turf Wars etc.. So don't call me Junior.. Assuming that someone doesn't know anything because of their age is implying that their stupid.. Age is just a number and being 52 means shit if you've been doing nothing with your life.. Because I know to many Old Farts that think their all that because their older than someone and end up finding their life has been nothing but farcical... If your so WISE as you think you are you would look at the last person that came across me on here and see what someone that's only 24 can really do to someone.. So enlighten me on what your line of work is because saying you work with MEN and Women doesn't mean anything but you ogling at both sexes.. And By the way, Saying "SAMMY IS AND LOOKS LIKE NOTHING BUT A PLASTIC HO.SHE THINKS SHE IS ALL THAT BUT LOOKS LIKE GUTTER TRASH AND SHOULD BE IN A LOW CLASS MAG" was not called for and from past experience someone that thinks their all that are normally BITCHY or a complete bastard.. So something not necessarily written in plain text for you Old Man.. Actually can mean a whole lot.. So I guess I am wiser than you.. lol..
  • Barnie45
    so you think all woman put on an act and they are really insecure.. And that i have been used all my life!!!!! mmmm very interseting coming from a junior....should i be feeling all sad because of my situation!!!!! Please help oh wise one!! man i can see why you are the apprentice if thats all you know about woman...and if you can also learn to read young man there is no mention of being bitchy...i just dont understand what your on about...Are you only new at your job? Keep trying you will get it one day...But maybe not!!
  • ZooManApprentice001
    What are you on about **Barnie45**?? "keep up your research as you really need to!!!!!!!!!!!" If you really know women, they all put on an act but are really insecure about something and are really down to earth even though you think their just bitchy.. I see by your profile, being 52 you should know that by now and your just bias against enhancements and foolish enough to be used all your life...

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