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14 September 2012
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Military scientists in the US have developed robotics dogs capable of following soldiers across rough and rugged terrain. (watch video below)

What they lack in the stealth department (hard to miss a moose-sized mechanical K9 that purrs like a homemade whipper snipper – then again, enemy forces might just think it's Don Burke lurking over the plateau), the Legged Squad Support Systems more than make up for in off-road abilities.

The motorised hounds can lug almost 200kg and, unlike like the standard US fourbie, can travel over 30km before needing to refuel.

Now the yanks are keen to make their robo-dogs talk, as well as do the odd trick, of course.

"We want a radio operator to be able to tell it to 'sit, stay'. Likewise, the robot could tell them, 'I'm stuck, wait'," says Lt Col Joe Hitt, of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.
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