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02 March 2011
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Until last week, the most advanced fighter jet in the sky was America’s F-22 Raptor, a beast so deadly that the Yanks wouldn’t even sell it to their allies — not even us!

Keen to bridge the technological gap, the brightest boffins in Russian aerospace quit the Smirnoff for almost ten years to create the Sukhoi T-50 (or PAK FA).

Now they’re keen to sell it to anyone who’s got the cash — and at a mere US$100m each, it’s a bloody bargain compared to the Raptor’s $150m pricetag.
Russia’s “hell on wings”, as it’s been dubbed, made its debut declassified flight last month, and orders are already flowing in from our Asia-Pacific neighbours.

Meanwhile, Australia’s committed to buy a fleet of F-35A Joint Strike Fighters from the Yanks for $130m a pop, and we’ve ordered $33billion-worth of them.

That wouldn’t be so bad if they were useful. Truth is, your nan’s got more chance of catching a Sukhoi with the cobwebs in her undies than our out-dated $130m duds.

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  • actionman83

    only $100M each? I'll take 7...

  • RomeoSixNiner

    its not like we use our fighters anyway. if our troops ever call fast air in, its always yank planes bringing the rain

    Mastermind, it isnt as simple as saying "we'll buy russian stuff". Western block to eastern block gear is significantly different. You have to factor in training, spare parts and ability to integrate with current systems.

  • kevmcdonald

     Hey Diana, i wnt be goin, wat bout u


    Simple - cancel the US order [have we paid a deposit?] and buy the Russian plane. My job is working with Russia  and Russians. Don't ever write them off re technology. Look at the conditions they fly in during winter. In the UK they had to close London airport because of a bit of snow!! We need the best aircraft. 

  • VE6L

    Haha, thats gold adam_prime.

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