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19 September 2012
0 stars
Rated: [M]
Starring: Clare Danes, Damian Lewis

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Due mainly to its two equally damaged lead characters, this American reboot of an Israeli show is unexpectedly chilling. When a US marine, missing in action and presumed dead, is brought home alive after a raid on an Iraqi terrorist stronghold, he is celebrated as a war hero. That is, until a lone CIA analyst and her aging spyhandler start to suspect he may have been “turned’ by al-Qaeda. With more red herrings than your local fish markets and a plot that thickens quicker than corn powder in coagulated blood, the skulduggery, political intrigue and cold-blooded murders in this stellar spy series will keep you guessing at every turn. Brilliant. 

For every purchase of HOMELAND Season One on DVD, Twentieth Century Fox will donate $1 to Legacy (for a nominated period), in support of their vital work helping the families of Australian servicemen and women.

To learn how to survive interrogation by terrorists, the US army and your grilfriend, check out this week's mag!

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