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25 June 2010
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What was harder in the movie; kissing Russell or trying not to get too handsy while having toilet sex with the groupie?
Kissing Russell. As much as I like him, I happen to be attracted to women, so it was lot more difficult than simulating sex with a hot girl.

So, was it a 50-50 situation, or did you commit yourself to the scene 90 per cent while he only went 10?
We both went 100 per cent committed all the way. Anything to get the laugh.

Was there anything cut from the scene where Russell had his hand up your arse?
I had this idea that I wanted a camera to look like it was up my arse when Russell was trying to pull the heroin out. It would essentially be my own colonoscopy. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition… or poo-ition.

We heard they’re going to making a film version of Jonah and the Whale.
Are they? How do you know that and I don’t? I would definitely want to be a part of that. I mean, my name is already Jonah, so why not?

Er, we were thinking you’d be perfect for the whale part. Now you’ve got a bunch of great movies under your belt, do you feel safer knowing you can fall back on them?
Ha ha! If I make a terrible movie I’m just going to beg people to remember my good movies. I’ll at least admit if it’s not any good. Right off the bat, in the first interview after the movie is released, I’ll admit it sucks.

Did you have a sex choreographer on this film, or just freestyle it?
We actually story-boarded it. It was weird seeing a little animated picture of myself in doggy style position, but it made the rehearsals a lot easier and made sure there were no awkward moments. I was fine with freestyling it, but myself and Russell just wanted to make sure that Elizabeth Moss, who plays my girlfriend, was comfortable.

In the last two movies that Carla Gallo’s appeared alongside you she’s had her period on your leg and then shoved a dildo in your mouth. Is this a coincidence or are you requesting her services?
She’s a friend of ours and hilarious, so she’s up for it in a way that a lot of actresses aren’t. She’s hysterical and has done a lot of other work besides shoving a dildo in my mouth. Her role
in Mad Men is probably going to win her more accolades than any dildo-in-my-mouth cameo.

As a yoga buff, have you conveyed your love of downward-facing dog to Katy Perry?
I have, but I really prefer all types of dog. The downward dog just gets all the hype but I don’t like to play favourites.

When Katy did her performance of California Girl at the MTV Awards, they threw to the token “boyfriend-gleefully-watching-in-the-crowd” shot. And that would be you. Did you have to pretend you were enjoying the shitty song?
Ha ha! You’re recording this, aren’t you? This could get me in trouble here, so I should be loyal. Katy is an amazing singer and I’m very proud of her work and everything she does. And her performance was really good. [Winks] I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For those uninitiated with full body searches, is the worst part thinking your stash will be discovered or realising they keep the rooms especially cold?
For junkies, nothing is worse than not having their stash as soon as they’re off the plane, even if they’d just flown into Colombia and needed some coke. It’s like a safety blanket, really.
If it was me, I couldn’t have cared about the climate in the searching rooms or the warmth of the guy’s hands. Just as long as I have my stash, I’m fine. If this was me we were talking about… er, hypothetically.


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  • <3 jonah, he's so fkn funny! love russel brand too but jonah more!

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