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12 May 2011
5 stars

All stand and hail the return of Chris Lilley. His new show Angry Boys premiered last night and like an awesome shag, it didn’t last as long as you’d like it to but it left a lasting impression.

Fans can stop mourning the death of Chris Lilley’s previous shows – We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High – that were grossly popular and left unchallenged in the mockumentry arena. So, it’s no surprise to see past character favourites Daniel and Nathan Sims from We Can Be Heroes feature in Angry Boys along with their lovable “Gran” who makes the show a belly-laugh fest. 

It’s hard not piss yourself twice over with scenes of Gran’s hard-ass governing of the boys at the detention centre especially at her “gotcha” game, the bedtime superhero dress-ups and her “Friday night song”.

Just revealing two out of the six characters of Angry Boys, we’re pretty f----n certain we’ll be in a for a great f----n ride (in Daniel talk ) with S.mouse, a black American rapper; Jen, a manipulative Japanese mother; Blake Oakfield, a champion surfer yet to come. 

As expected, Angry Boys wasn’t to everyone’s liking with Twitter going bonkers with tweets approving and disapproving Chris’s show.

Not sure about you lot but we’ll take 30min of Gran over 30min of Two and a Half Men any day – yes, this applies even if we know Sheen is coked up during the show.

Over to you: What do you think of Angry Boys? Did he go too far with the jokes?

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  • tool71

     For all thous that think its a miss get a life or go home, as you arn't AUSSIE if you u can't take the "PISS".

  • anthshaw

    Good luck with that eagie - seems rather painful to me

  • eagie

    The guy is a deadset wank, rather slam my dik in the door than watch anything to do with him

  • mickblack

    Has potential, first episode relied on alot of cheap laughs.. Miss so far

  • Tamika

    love love loveeeeeeeeee him

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