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Genevieve Curran

Genevieve, 29

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Optical Sales Consultant

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Q:Why should you be ZOO’s next cover model?
A:I'd be like a breath of fresh air- Sexy but Stylish
Q:What do you love about your body?
A:That I'm not skinny- I have tits and ass to hold
Q:What’s your idea of a good time?
A:Dancing my ass of with good friends
Q:Who is your idol?
A:There are too many to say!
Q:If you could style your ideal photoshoot what would it involve?
A:Candles, oil, wet hair, bedroom eyes, shaggy rug sitting infront of a hot fire place
Q:Who is your favourite ZOO covergirl and why?
A:Erin MacNaught- because she has brains and beauty
Q:What are three important qualities a ZOO covergirl should have?
A:Killer eyes, beautiful smile and fun sense of humor
Q:Five words to describe me are:
A:Unique, daring, tasteful, curvaceous, uncomplicated
Q:If you could host any television show, which one would it be?
A:Channel V- music being my passion, I would be content when I work
Q:What makes you different from past ZOO covergirls?
A:I would keep things real!

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